Airtel Night Data Plans Subscription Codes And Prices

Airtel Night Data Plans

Have you ever thought about having a cool night browsing without data exhaustion? Then, you have stumbled on one of the best data plans for your night browsing. With the All Airtel Night Plan Subscription, Codes And Prices, you are assured of cheap night data plans that would allow you do whatever you want to do at night. Just easily.

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Do you want to watch movies online? Do you want to stream live shows or football? You have heavy file downloads or file transfers to do? Then, this All Airtel Night Plan Subscription, Codes And Prices is the bet. One good news is that these plans allow you to buy data for cheap and allows other flexibility in the data plans. So, let’s not bore you with this story and show you what you can get in the Airtel night data plans.

Airtel night data plans seems to be the best in town now. Let’s take a look. We will handle the different night plans on offer and you choose yours.


  1. Airtel Unlimited Hourly Night Plan

This plan offers you unlimited data for 2hrs, and costs ₦1000. Perfect for unlimited downloading, torrenting and other heavy internet activities. To subscribe for this, make sure you have enough space for downloading. Who does.t like that?

How To subscribe for Airtel Unlimited night browsing plan

Recharge ₦1000 & dial *481# For Unlimited Data; to be used between the hours of 12am to 6am.

Airtel Night Data Plans

  1. Airtel SmartTRYBE Night Plan

The smartTRYBE night plan is for smartTrybe subscribers. If you’re on the TRYBE prepaid plan, then this is perfect!if not, you can easily migrate to the tariff and enjoy the night plan. This plan gives you 1.5GB for ₦200 and 500MB for ₦25 (between 12am – 5am), but you must be on the SmartTRYBE prepaid package to use this plan.

How to subscribe for Airtel 1.5GB Night Data Plan

  • Recharge your sim with ₦200.
  • Dial *312#.
  • Then, type and send 3 (Airtel Night Plans)
  • Afterwards, choose 1.5GB plan by typing 2
  • Please note: (Validity: 1 Night between 12am – 5am)

How to subscribe for Airtel 500MB Night Data Plan

  • Recharge or ensure you have at least ₦25 in your Airtel line.
  • Dial *312#.
  • Type and send 3 (Airtel Night Plans).
  • Then choose 500MB plan by typing 1
  • Please note: (Validity: 1 Night between 12am – 5am)

What Are Full TSTV Satellite Features?

TSTV satellite

The newly launched TSTV satellite is already making waves in the Paytv sector. Many persons are now sitting up and asking what are full TSTV satellite features? In case you are among those asking, relax, we have you covered. We have decided to bring to you the full features of the TSTV satellite to you.TSTV satellite

The answer to the question of What Are Full TSTV Satellite Features, would likely surprise you. It is so big and huge that many are even afraid if it’s real and true. The answer is yes. It is real, it is true and above all, it is cheap. With only #5,000 (five thousand naira, you will purchase the TSTV dish and decoder). The only thing left is your subscription which is made to be affordable to everyone. We shall treat them all below here.

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So, let’s break down these and answer the questions one after the other.

Features of TSTV Decoder

Here are the features of the TSTV decoder.

  • 200+ Channels,
  • Pause, Record and Play back Feature
  • Free Wifi: 20GB Free data
  • Inbuilt Camera for video calling
  • Affordable subscription
  • Webcam
  • Video calls with other subscribers via IP
  • Pause subscription function
  • 50GB internal storage
  • External hard drive compatibility (up to 1TB)
  • Internet access
  • Wi-Fi 802.11ac
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • USB 3.0
  • 1GB Ethernet
  • RF for hybrid remote controls

TSTV Subscription

Like we said earlier, the TSTV subscription is made to be very affordable to all categories of persons. Here are the subscription plans.

Bouquets Price Data

Bouquet (Plan) Amount Data Bonus
Monthly Bouquet N3, 000 10GB
Two weeks Bouquet N1, 500 5GB
Ten Days Bouquet N1, 000 3GB
Weekly Bouquet N750 2GB
Three Days Bouquet N500 1GB
Daily Bouquet N200 500MB

TSTV Data Bonus

As you have seen in the above table, the TSTV offers data bonus to all subscribers. When you purchase the TSTV and subscribe for the first time, you will be given a whooping 20GB free of charge. However, from subsequent subscriptions, you will be given 10GB, 5GB, 3GB, 2GB, 1GB and 500MB depending on the plan you paid for.

If your data expires, you can also purchase 1GB for #300 only. So, 10GB will be #3,000. Please also note that YOU DON’T USE DATA TO WATCH TSTV. The data is given you as a bonus for your subscription. Please take note.

Benefits of the TSTV

The TSTV comes with many value added services for her customers. These benefits are what is not obtainable with other Paytv around the country. So here are some of the benefits.

  1. Watch All League Games: for the sports lovers, TSTV allows you to watch all league games. It has a total of 12 sports channels.
  2. Hotspot Service: Allows you connect your phone’s wi-fi to the decoder’s hotspot.
  3. Video Conferencing: you can use the TSTV camera to do video calls.
  4. Video Recording: allows you record favorite videos and other shows. It comes with a 50GB storage space for you to record all you want to. This is enabled by its pause-and-play feature.
  5. Pause Function: you can pause your subscription for a maximum of 7 days. This is obtainable with only the monthly sub plan. So, instead of 30 days, you could use the TSTV for a 37days period.
  6. Cheap Subscription: you may wish to compare the TSTV subscription plans with that of GOTV and DSTV. One major benefit of TSTV is that even if you subscribe for the cheapest plans, you will still have access to all the channels. Who else can beat that?

Top 6 Things You Must Know Before You Buy TSTV

6 Things You Must Know Before You Buy TSTV

As the TSTV is already launched Nigerians have started purchasing the new latest paytv. In the case you do not know, read about the TSTV channels and special features. We have however, brought to you the Top 6 Things You Must Know Before You Buy TSTV. This is to ensure you know what is obtainable before you purchase the TSTV. Be guided properly.

6 Things You Must Know Before You Buy TSTV

What exactly are the Top 6 Things You Must Know Before You Buy TSTV? How true is the promise of 20GB? What about the installation? The provision of paused subscription, how does it work? These and many more are the things you will know soon below.


Below are the things you must be aware of before purchasing the Paytv.

  1. The N5000 for TSTV initial purchase includes a decoder, a dish and a remote control but excludes any installation service charge. That is to say, the #5,000 does not cover the installation costs.
  2. TSTV Pay AS You Go pause service i.e. the ability to pause your subscription when not in use would be available to those that would go for the maximum subscription which is the monthly N3,000 package and you would only be able to pause subscription not more than 7 days, thereby allowing you 37 days at most for your monthly subscription. So, you can only pause your subscription only when you subscribe for one month. And this can only be for 7 days.
  1. The first time you buy the decoder is the only time you would be able to enjoy up to 20GB of data as bonus, for subsequent full monthly subscription comes with 10GB of data and not 20GB as some of you might be thinking.
  2. TSTV has incorporated its subscription service payments into Quickteller the popular E-payment service in the country and just like DSTV, you would also be able to easily pay for your TSTV subscriptions through Quickteller.
  3. You would be able to buy extra 1GB data or above from TSTV at the cost of N300 for 1GB
  4. TSTV data allocation has nothing to do with watching of TVST channels but just a separate and additional offer to the entire TSTV concept or better still what you commonly regard as Value Added Service (VAS).

These are the Top 6 Things You Must Know Before You Buy TSTV. Was it helpful? Please share with friends and let them know too.

9mobile Night Data Plan Subscription Codes & Prices – 9mobile Night Plan

9mobile Night Data Plan Subscription Codes & Prices

Last time out, we looked at Airtel night data plans. Today, our focus will be on the 9mobile Night Data Plan Subscription Codes & Prices. One thing is certain, each of these network service providers are in constructive competitions. So, each person tries to undo the other by providing the best data plans. As is obvious, it’s you and I who get to enjoy the benefits.

So, the 9mobile Night Data Plan Subscription Codes & Prices is just meant for you. If the Airtel night plan was not favourable to you, you could try this. For whatever reason you want to use this, you are better off giving it a try. We will do our best to break it down easily for you and ensure you understand them. What better thing could we do for you?

Like we said earlier, this 9mobile night data plan is the bomb. You are gonna enjoy this. The 9mobile night plan comes in two different subscription plans. Let’s look at them below.

  • 9mobile Night Plan (Normal)

This plan offers you 1GB for just a token of #200. You read that right. With just #200, you will get 1GB to browse for the whole night (12am – 5am). Another bonus? This plan is super fast.

9mobile Night Data Plan Subscription Codes & Prices

How to subscribe to 9mobile Night Browsing plan

To subscribe for this plan,

  • Recharge ₦200 on your 9mobile line
  • Then, Dial *229*3*11# (You get 1GB data valid through the Night between 12AM – 5AM)
  • Enjoy.

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  • 9mobile Night Plan On Easycliq

As the name goes, this one is for Easycliq users. It offers you a total of 250MB for just #50. You read that right. So, with #50, you get to enjoy almost free 250MB.

How to subscribe to 9mobile Night Plan on EasyCliq

To subscribe, you must first be an Easycliq subscriber. If you are not,

  • Migrate to Easycliq: dial *244*1# to switch to Cliq
  • Ensure you have atleast #50 on your sim card.
  • Afterwards, Dial *229*10*10# to activate night plan.
  • Enjoy your data

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Are you in any way confused with the 9mobile Night Data Plan Subscription Codes & Prices9mobile Night Plan? I bet not. So, get it done and enjoy your night browsing.

Latest GoTv Subscription Plans, Prices And Channels – GoTv Price Lists

GoTv Subscription Plans

This is the Latest GoTv Subscription Plans, Prices And Channels. GoTv is a well known PayTv in Nigeria and Africa. It is owned by MultiChoice, the owners of DsTv. Gotv offers many different subscription plans and channels. You will get to see their prices and what they offer.

Acquiring a GoTv and installing it doesn’t take the whole day. The GoTv Dish is sold at #6900 and you buy it with at least one month subscription. So, whether you are a new user or an old subscriber, here is the Latest GoTv Subscription Plans, Prices And Channels.

The following are the Latest GoTv Subscription Plans, Prices And Channels.

Gotv subscription plans

Gotv has three different subscription plans. They include:

  1. GoTv Plus
  2. GoTv Value
  3. GoTv Lite

GoTv Plus Price & Channels (#1,900)

GOtv Plus gives you the ultimate selection of local and international viewing across 57 channels so you can enjoy choice entertainment in the comfort of your home.

You get  57 Channels with  GOtv Plus

  • Documentary  (1)
  • Lifestyle and Culture  (2)
  • Specialist  (1)
  • Sport  (4)
  • Local Channels  (13)
  • Children  (3)
  • Music  (5)
  • Religion  (4)
  • News and Commerce  (6)
  • Entertainment and Movies  (18)

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GoTv Value Price & Channels (#1,300)

Your family deserves the best local and overseas entertainment, and with GOtv Value, you can give them more for less with 40 channels to choose from.

You get  40 Channels with  GOtv Value

  • Lifestyle and Culture  (2)
  • Specialist  (1)
  • Sport  (2)
  • Local Channels  (13)
  • Entertainment and Movies  (8)
  • Children  (2)
  • Music  (3)
  • Religion  (4)
  • News and Commerce  (5)

GoTv Lite Price & channels (#400)

GOtv Lite guarantees affordable, unmissable viewing across 23 channels, with flexible payment options so you save without compromising on entertainment.

You get  23 Channels with  GOtv Lite

  • Specialist  (1)
  • Sport  (1)
  • Local Channels  (10)
  • Entertainment and Movies  (2)
  • Children  (1)
  • Music  (1)
  • Religion  (4)
  • News and Commerce  (3)

GoTv Channels

GoTv has many channels. They include

  1. Africa Magic Hausa
  2. Africa Magic Yoruba
  3. AfricaMagic Epic
  4. AfricaMagic Family
  5. AfricaMagic World
  6. AIT
  7. Al Jazeera
  8. Arise News
  9. BET2
  • Channel ED
  • Channels
  • CNN International
  • Discovery World
  • Disney Junior
  • E! Entertainment Television
  • TV Africa
  • GO Channel
  • HIP TV
  • Islam Channel
  • JimJam
  • Lagos TV
  • MiTV
  • M-Net Movies Zone
  • MTV Base
  • Nat Geo Wild
  • Nickelodeon
  • NTA+
  • One Gospel
  • Planet TV
  • Silverbird
  • SONY
  • SuperSport 9
  • SuperSport Blitz
  • SuperSport Select 1
  • SuperSport Select 2
  • SuperSport Select 3
  • Telemundo
  • Televista
  • Vox Africa
  • Zee World. Etc

Thank you for reading the Latest GoTv Subscription Plans, Prices And Channels. Please share this.

MTN GoodyBag Social Plan for Whatsapp Facebook Twitter Eskimi and more

MTN Goodybag

MTN Goodybag social is a group of data subscriptions that gives access to chat, tweet and share media posts. The MTN goodybag Social consist of different data subscriptions which include Whatsapp, 2Go,  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,WeChat, Eskimi and Nimbuzz subscription.

MTN Goodybag

These subscriptions can be done daily, weekly or monthly depending on your choice. Please note that these data subscription will only work with the respective application. That is, if you do a Whatsapp subscription, you can only use it on Whatsapp. It won’t work for Facebook or any other application and such data cannot be used to access internet via any type of browser.

Collection Subscription

MTN understands that customer may want to have two or more of the MTN goodybag social subscription on without having to spend spend too much subscribing for each. Therefore, MTN gives the opportunity to choose five goody bag subscription for a less price. The five goodybag social collection plan is charged at the rate of N50 for a day, N150 for a week and N500 for a month. You can subscribe by dialling *131*3# and follow through the prompt to subscribe.

The MTN GoodyBag Social Plans

The MTN Goodybag social plans which consist of 2Go,  Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WeChat, Eskimi and Nimbuzz subscriptions, all have three subscription plans which include daily, weekly and monthly plans. The daily plan cost N25, while the weekly cost N50 and monthly cost N150. These prices are uniform for individual MTN goody bag social subscription plans whether it is Facebook, 2Go, Eskimi, Wechat or Twitter.


Data Cap

The Goodybag social plans does not come with a specific data cap but it does have fair data usage for each of the subscription in respect to whether it is daily, weekly or monthly. The Fair usage policy allows 10MB for a day subscription, 25MB for weekly plans and 80MB for the monthly plans. These fair usage applies to all the individual goodybag social subscription plans.

MTN Goodybag Social Plan Subscription

You can subscribe for any of the  MTN Goodybag subscription plan by either dialling *131*3# or *662# to select the plan of your choice. You may as well send keywords of the plan of your choice to 131. For instance, if you want to subscribe to Facebook weekly, you will simply send “FBW” to 131 and if its Whatsapp monthly, you will send “WAM” to 131.

To unsubscribe from a particular goodybag subscription, simply add “STOP” to the keyword and send it to 131. For instance, if you want to unsubscribe from Facebook weekly, simply send “STOPFBW” to 131. And it will stop the subscription. You may also dial *662#, select the particular goodybag social plan you want to stop and you will see the option to unsubscribe. Once you select the option to unsubscribe, you will get a notification instantly for it.

  • Facebook Weekly – TEXT FBW TO 131 (N25)
  • Facebook Monthly – TEXT FBM TO 131 (N60)
  • Twitter Weekly – TEXT TWTW TO 131 (N25)
  • Twitter Monthly – TEXT TWTM TO 131 (N60)
  • Eskimi Weekly – SMS ESKW TO 131 (25 Naira)
  • Eskimi Monthly – SMS ESKM TO 131 (60 Naira)MTN Goodybag

Please note that  MTN Goodybag subscription plans have auto renewal on them. This means once you subscribe, you do not need to resubscribe at the expiration of the time. Simply leave sufficient balance on your line and it will be auto renewed for you. However, if you exhaust the plan before the expiry time, you will need to unsubscribe the used one before subscribing for a new plan.

Goodybag Social Plan Data Balance

You can check how much data you have left on the goodybag social plans even if you have multiple of them on. Simply dial *559*25# and you will be able to see what you have left on each of the plans.

Whatsapp Data Plans For MTN, Airtel, 9Mobile And Glo (2017)

Whatsapp data plans

Do you want unlimited WhatsApp data plans to engage with family and friends? Then put together this article is for you. I’ve compiled the list of Whatsapp data plans on Airtel, Etisalat, Glo and MTN for you to choose from.

If you’re incapable of subscribing to the usual data plans on your favourite network but you still need to be online, you have to select one from the list below. This article will highlight the subscriptions codes for Airtel Whatsapp data plans, Glo WhatsApp data plans, 9mobile Whatsapp data plans and MTN Whatsapp data plans, you will also see how to check whatapp data balance on all network.

These plans are perfect on all device, they work unlimited for WhatsApp for 1/7/30 day(s) on;

  • Android
  • Blackberry (OS 10)
  • iOS (iPhone)
  • Symbian (if you still own it)
  • Java
  • Windows etc

Now let’s check out the list below, find your preferred plans and pricing with various WhatsApp subscription codes on MTN, Airtel, 9mobile and Glo.

1. Airtel Whatsapp Data Plans / BundlesWhatsapp data plans

This plan allows you to stay connected with family and friends for 30 days without incurring extra cost on data consumption form your regular daily, weekly or monthly data plans on Airtel. Here’s everything you need to know about Airtel whatsapp data bundles below;

Airtel whatsapp bundle Subscription code

  • Dial *948# | Costs ₦100 (monthly plan)

How to check Airtel Whatsapp data balance

To check your data bundle balance on Airtel;

  • Dial » *123*8# (It will display your data balance “MB”, as well as data “MB” expiry date)

    2. 9mobile Whatsapp Data Plans / BundlesWhatsapp data plans

    You can get access to all your social packs using “9mobile Socialme Pak”. This plan gives you access to basically all your social apps (WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and BBM)

    9mobile WhatsApp Bundle Subscription Code.

    • Dial *343*6*15# | Costs ₦50 (daily plan)
    • Dial *343*6*10# | Costs ₦150 (weekly plan)
    • Dial *343*6*11# | Costs ₦500 (monthly plan)

    How to check

    9mobile Whatsapp data balance

    • Dial *228# to check whatsapp data balance on 9mobile.

    NOTE: You will get 10MB valid for seven days if you recharge ₦100 on your 9mobile line. It can be used to browse any site. Read 9mobileFAQs.

    3. Glo Whatsapp Data Plans / BundlesWhatsapp data plans


    Glo currently does not have any WhatsApp data bundle, I’ll let you guys know when there are new developments regarding Glo whatsapp data plans. For now, nothing is available, just stay updated!

    4. MTN Whatsapp Data Plans / BundlesWhatsapp data plans

    MTN WhatsApp GoodyBag is a data bundle that allows you share and chat non- stop on WhatsApp  for as low as N25 weekly and N60 Monthly.

    MTN WhatsApp Bundle subscription Code.

    Go to your phone SMS, then…

    • Text WAW to 131 | costs ₦25 (valid for 7days)
    • Text WAM to 131 | costs ₦60 (valid for 30days)

    How to check MTN Whatsapp data balance

    To check your data bundle balance on MTN;

    • Dial » *559*25# (It will display data balance “MB”)

    To sum it all up:

    These are all WhatsApp data plans for all network in Nigeria (excluding Glo as they currently do not have one at he moment). MTN WhatsApp data plan seems like the best considering its price, they are relatively cheap and will not only power WhatsApp (some folks claim it also powered Facebook messenger and 2go).

    9mobile and Airtel WhatsApp bundle are perfect alternatives, just choose wisely.

9Mobile Nigeria Data plan Bundle Subscription Codes

9Mobile 2017 Job Recruitment Vacancy

How to subscribe to 9Mobile data plans  Bundle Subscription Codes,Subscription Codes for Android, iPhone, Blackberry & Laptops,9Mobile has joined in the race of affordable data plans. This is healthy competition as the prices of internet bundle data plans will continue to drop if this continues.

This telecoms is the fourth largest in Nigeria today and they have really cool data plans which keeps their customers happy always.

Listed below here are the 9Mobile Nigeria Internet Data Bundle Plans, so you can rely on the contents in this post. Expect an update of the 9Mobile data plans soon, we are going to publish it once its released,Naijatrends will update you.

How to subscribe to 9Mobile data plans

  • For 10MB 9Mobile daily sub: This plan gives you 10MB data for just 50 Naira and it isvalid for 24hours (1day). To subscribe simply dial *229*3*8#.
  • 500MB 9Mobile One Month Sub: This plan gives 500MB data for 500 Naira , valid for 30 days. Dial *229*2*12# or text LCD to 229.
  • 1GB 9Mobile Weekend Plan : This plan gives 1GB data for 500 Naira which is valid from friday 11:59pm – sunday 11:59pm. Its a weekend plan. To subscribe , dial *5995*2#.
  • 9Mobile 1GB night only plan (12am -5am): This plan cost 200 Naira. To subscribe dial *229*3*11# , valid for 24hours.
  • 9Mobile 2GB evening and weekend plan (7PM – 6:59AM) and the whole of weekend: This sub cost 1,000 Naira. To subscribe dial *229*3*12# , valid for 30days.
  • 9Mobile 5GB evening and weekend plan (7PM – 6:59AM) and the whole of weekend: This sub cost 2,000 Naira. To subscribe dial *229*3*13# , valid for 30days.
  • 9Mobile 1GB for one Month: This is one of the cheapest data plan for android phones in Nigeria. This plan gives 1GB data for exactly 1,000 Naira and the data is valid for 30days. you can subscribe by dialing *229*2*7#
  • 1,200 Naira for 1.5GB : To get this 9Mobile data plan , dial *229*2*25# , or text AND11 to 229
  • 2,000 Naira for 2.5GB: Another good offer is the 2.5GB for 2,000 Naira 9Mobile data plan , which is valid for 30days. You can subscribe by dialing *229*2*8# or text AND2 to 229.
  • 2,500 Naira for 3.5GB: This 9Mobile plan gives 3.5GB data for #3,500 ; valid for 30 days. To get started , dial *229*2*26# or text AND22 to 229.
  • 3,500 Naira for 5GB: Get 5GB worth of 9Mobile data plan for #3,500 , vaild for 30days. Dial *229*2*9# or text AND3 to 229.
  • 8,000 Naira for 11.5GB: Get 11.5GB for #8,000 on 9Mobile network. Dial *229*2*5# or text MB6 to 229. 30days validity
  • 10,000 Naira for 15GB: This top 9Mobile plan gives you 15GB data for #10,000 naira , which is valid for 30days. Dial *229*4*1# to subscribe or text SM1 to 229.
  • 18,000 Naira for 27.5GB: On this 9Mobile Data plan , you get 27.5GB worth of data that is valid for 30days. Dial *229*4*3# or text SM3 to 229.
  • 84,992 Naira for 100GB: Do you want 100GB data on 9Mobile Network? Then get ready to pay 84,992 Naira. To subscribe dial *229*4*5# or text SM5 to 229. Please note that this plan is valid for just 30 days (1month)
  • 110,000 Naira for 120GB: This is the highest and most expensive 9Mobile Data Plan that is available in Nigeria. This plan gives 120GB for #110,000 , valid for 365 days (1 year). This plan is best suitable for Big companies that rely on heavy internet usage. Dial *229*5*3# to subscribe or text 12M to 229.

This data plan is for the lite users, to subscribe for any of 9Mobile Smartpak , dial *200# and select option 3 for the data menu. Choose option 3 for smartpaks.

9Mobile Chatpak: Get ulinmited access to WhatsApp, facebook Messanger, WeChat, BBM, all instant messaging apps. It costs #50 per day , and #150 per week.

9Mobile Socialpak: Get unlimited access to facebook, twitter, BBM, instagram, eskimi, all instant messaging apps. It costs #300 per week.

9Mobile Videopak: Get 2 hours of uninterrupted videos from any app. It costs #400 for 2 hours of unlimited streaming.