9mobile Night Data Plan Subscription Codes & Prices – 9mobile Night Plan

9mobile Night Data Plan Subscription Codes & Prices

Last time out, we looked at Airtel night data plans. Today, our focus will be on the 9mobile Night Data Plan Subscription Codes & Prices. One thing is certain, each of these network service providers are in constructive competitions. So, each person tries to undo the other by providing the best data plans. As is obvious, it’s you and I who get to enjoy the benefits.

So, the 9mobile Night Data Plan Subscription Codes & Prices is just meant for you. If the Airtel night plan was not favourable to you, you could try this. For whatever reason you want to use this, you are better off giving it a try. We will do our best to break it down easily for you and ensure you understand them. What better thing could we do for you?

Like we said earlier, this 9mobile night data plan is the bomb. You are gonna enjoy this. The 9mobile night plan comes in two different subscription plans. Let’s look at them below.

  • 9mobile Night Plan (Normal)

This plan offers you 1GB for just a token of #200. You read that right. With just #200, you will get 1GB to browse for the whole night (12am – 5am). Another bonus? This plan is super fast.

9mobile Night Data Plan Subscription Codes & Prices

How to subscribe to 9mobile Night Browsing plan

To subscribe for this plan,

  • Recharge ₦200 on your 9mobile line
  • Then, Dial *229*3*11# (You get 1GB data valid through the Night between 12AM – 5AM)
  • Enjoy.

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  • 9mobile Night Plan On Easycliq

As the name goes, this one is for Easycliq users. It offers you a total of 250MB for just #50. You read that right. So, with #50, you get to enjoy almost free 250MB.

How to subscribe to 9mobile Night Plan on EasyCliq

To subscribe, you must first be an Easycliq subscriber. If you are not,

  • Migrate to Easycliq: dial *244*1# to switch to Cliq
  • Ensure you have atleast #50 on your sim card.
  • Afterwards, Dial *229*10*10# to activate night plan.
  • Enjoy your data

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Are you in any way confused with the 9mobile Night Data Plan Subscription Codes & Prices9mobile Night Plan? I bet not. So, get it done and enjoy your night browsing.

First Bank In Deep Mess After Mass Sack, As Sack Staff Threaten Court Action (Read Details)

First Bank

Controversy is trailing the recent mass sack of workers by First Bank of Nigeria, FBN, as the bank and its affiliate contracting firm in charge of recruitment, Whyte Cleon Limited, have given various reasons to justify the action.

The affected workers, reported to be more than 1,000, cutting across branches of the bank throughout the country have dismissed the reasons given, while criticising the process as defying due process and acceptable labour practice globally.

Initially, the First Bank spokesperson, Babatunde Lasaki, who confirmed the sack to The Next Edition, said the exercise was based on the outcome of an annual staff appraisal which sets a baseline to assess staff performance.

First Bank

He said in line with the usual practice, those who met some key performance indicators and a scorecard spelt out at the beginning of the year about the job description relating to their offices were either retained or promoted for increment, while poor performers risked being sacked.

However, following the debate that has trailed the sack, First Bank management appears to have distanced itself from it, as it later said the sacked workers were not part of its workforce.

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When contacted Mr. Lasaki on Tuesday through a mail for further clarification about the sack, his automatic email responder machine directed the reporter to his colleague, who said those affected were not ”regular staff” of First Bank, but casual workers who were hired to provide support services to the bank.

The official who requested not to be named, as she was not authorised to speak on the issue, did not give further details.

She, however, re-directed the reporter to an official of Whyte Cleon Limited, the bank’s human resource recruitment affiliate, which carried out the sack of the workers.

Recent media reports said those sacked were mostly front desk tellers, account and clearing support staff, customer service officers and marketing associates who had put in between five and 10 years in the service of the bank.

We could not immediately verify these reports.

But, the workers, who insist they considered themselves bona fide staff of First Bank, by virtue of the official staff identity cards they carry and the conditions of service issued to them when they resumed work, insist the manner of their disengagement did not follow due process.

Apart from denying that the termination of their appointments was based on the outcome of a performance appraisal exercise, the workers said information about their sack was not communicated to them formally, but through short message service, SMS sent to their telephones on August 7, 2017, an act they alleged did not meet international labour practice standards.

The bank insists that apart from the text messages, all the affected workers were later issued formal letters of termination of appointment.

Besides, the workers said, contrary to what the bank would want the public to believe about the reason for their sack, the real reason they were sacked was that First Bank wanted to avoid being encumbered up with the provision of a labour law requiring employers to compulsorily convert their casual workers to permanent staff, with full benefits after their 10th year in active service.

Some of those affected who reached out to us give further clarification on the circumstances of their unexpected exit from First Bank said the majority of those given the boot were non-core staff recruited between 2008 and 2015, most of whom have put in more than nine years in the service of the bank.

“It is a blunt lie. There was no scorecard or indicator to measure the performance of non-core staff. We worked to support the core staff. They are only using that as a gimmick to deceive the public.

“They are trying to wipe out the entire staff recruited as far back as 2008, who have spent between eight and nine years in the bank. They do not want them to attain 10 years of service so that the bank would not be forced to convert them from non-core staff to core staff, in line with established labour laws,” one of the workers who gave his name as Jimoh Durojaye, said on Wednesday.

Another, Chukwuka Odinaka, said they did not fail any appraisal test, as claimed by the bank, as they were not even given any such opportunity to defend themselves. He alleged that all positions vacated by the sacked worked have since been filled with fresh graduates recruited by the bank.

“We were employed by Insourcing Limited, formerly a subsidiary of the First Bank Group. We were later handed over to Whyte Cleon. It is not true that our disengagement followed due process, as Business Managers and Heads of Branch Services who oversee the branch operations were not aware of the development. They only came to work on Monday morning and saw they had been given new staff,” Mr. Odinaka said.

Also, Alani Moshood, who said the bulk of the workers laid off were recruited between 2008 and 2009, also said the affected workers are considering approaching the National Industrial Court to seek justice, adding that they were yet to be paid any severance package since their exit on August 11, 2017 in line with statutory exit labour procedures.

Meanwhile, Whyte Cleon Limited in response to enquiries on Wednesday dismissed the allegations that the workers were sacked through text messages as false and an attempt to discredit it.

“Reports in the media alleging Whyte Cleon Limited ordered the mass dismissal of some members of staff in the employ of First Bank Plc through only short message service (SMS) is false. The claims that Whyte Cleon Limited has been silently laying off its staff through only SMS is a deliberate attempt to discredit Whyte Cleon Limited,” the company said in a statement, sent by its representative, Seun Togan.

“We wish to reiterate categorically that the decision to withdraw the services of our employees was communicated to them both verbally and formally in compliance with the conditions of service of engagements. In global human resource outsourcing practice, employees can be withdrawn from an organization, deployed to other organisations and/or may be replaced with other employees as the case may be.

“Whyte Cleon Limited followed due process in honouring the terms of appointment of their outsourced employees and subsequently withdrawing them. Whyte Cleon Limited had exit interviews with all the affected outsourced employees before notification of their recall. It is noteworthy that the affected employees were paid their entitlements and ancillary benefits,” Mr. Togan said.

He did not respond to another email seeking further explanation on the number of workers affected by the sack and their relationship or status with First Bank.

We learnt that Whyte Cleon inherited the workers from Insourcing Limited in February 2016 following a Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN directive to all financial institutions in the country in December 2015 to discontinue involvement in non-financial transactions.

10 Ways Corpers Ruin Their Lives During NYSC (A Must Read For All PCMs)


  Nigerian comic writer, Tosyne2much has draw the attention of people to about 10 factors that could militate against the development of corp members.

development of corp members.

National Youth Service Corps can be fun and exciting yet a great time to define your goals in life, a time to build relationship, or any number of other things.

It is a step closer to “real life” when there are pitfalls and landmines along the way that can derail one on the path to fulfilling your dreams and careers in life.

There are some major dark sides of National Youth Service scheme which are pathetic, thinking of various abnormalities participants are brewing on a daily basis which are


1. Having secret love affairs with students

Some male corps members are nothing but paedophiles as they are fond of taking advantage of the innocence of students entrusted with them to gain sexual gratification.

It’s very disgraceful to see male corps members jubilating when posted to primary/ secondary schools because they know they stand a very good chance of sleeping with girls that are below the age of consent.

This is the height of stupidity being perpetuated by some male corps members and that’s what some of them spend their time doing for a whole year then they return back home the same way they left.

2. Extravagant spending/ lack of saving culture

Spending recklessly, lavishly and ostentatiously on irrelevant things are common traits among some corpers of today. They eat with their two hands, go into debts and will still demand more money from home.

In fact, even their khakis and jungle boots can easily be recognized by every beer palour in their environment where they normally have rendezvous.

These are people who will return back home empty handed after their service year after which they will begin to constitute nuisance in the society by becoming IPOB and Afonja when joblessness hit them.

3. Lusting after ladies

It’s not new to us that some male corps members are fond of chasing and sleeping with both village and rural girls out of NYSC exuberance.

In fact, I, Tosyne2much, have even witnessed a scenario when a male corps member sighted his crush by and quickly dashed into his room to change into his khaki and jungle boot so that the girl will know he’s a serving corper.

Some of them impregnate these girls in the process and will head to NYSC secretariat for redeployment to another state in other to avoid shame and embarrassment.

This is how notorious some guys can be and that’s how curses follow them anywhere they go.

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4. Married/Engaged Woman disguising themselves as single ladies in orientation camps

Many of us must have seen married and engaged women stupidly falling in love with random guys in orientation camps because of stomach infrastructure at mami market.

These are ladies who find it difficult to their hold body for three weeks in the absence of their husbands/boyfriends.

I remember when I was serving in Kano in 1995, a married woman and a guy were caught doing it on parade ground and were both sent packing.

5. Stupidly falling in love with play boys

Most ladies, if not all, get carried away by the euphoria of NYSC and that’s why there’s a high possibility of losing your girlfriend the moment she goes for service.

This is the time they cohabit and flirt with anything that has two legs since their boyfriends are out of sight.

They can even flirt with riffraffs such as native doctors and palm wine tappers forgetting they have boyfriends somewhere, and at the end of the day, they return home with syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia, genital herpes, trichomoniasis, HIV/AIDS, etc.

6. Rebel against native laws

No matter how some rules seem to be old-fashioned, corpers should endeavour to pay obedience to them especially those that are serving in villages or Shari estates.

It has been observed that some corps members usually rebel against what they deem to be outdated laws because they feel they’re too educated to obliged to them and that’s how many of them invite problems into their lives. E.g sleeping with people’s wives, oro festival, etc.

7. Picking pockets and stealing

Some corpers are notorious thieves who exhibit their stealing prowess in orientation camps and have been caught vandalizing people bags just to steal their money, phones, chargers, clothes, caps etc; and when they get caught and excommunicated from camp, they put the blame on their village people who don’t even know their Call-up numbers.

That was how a corper vandalized my bag and stole the three packs of Gold circle condom I took to camp and left me stranded.

8. Sleeping with NYSC Officials to get posted to juicy places

So many female corps members have been caught sleeping ladies with soldiers, camp commandants, gate men and photographers with the hope of being posted to juicy places. At the end of the day, they still get posted to ridiculous places where they have no access to light, water and network

9. Not allowing the service year to pass through them

First degree is now gradually fading out as employers believe it is no longer enough to equip you for a competitive labour marker and that’s you must have something special to offer that will give you an added edge instead of expecting people to bow their heads for you because you think you have a Bsc.

Many corps members don’t consider going out of their ways to add to their knowledge but only fantasize about how they will work in Chevron after their service year.

10. Pride

Making friends and meeting new people right from the basic orientation exercise in camp increases people’s chances of getting connected to the right people.

Getting acquainted with the right people can be very resourceful because they may be very useful in your job search.

Some corps members remain stagnant not because they are not resourceful but because they are too proud and pompous.

They feel they are above any other person therefore they don’t see themselves mingling and discussing with people that can help their situation.

Steps to Getting a New Nigeria Driver’s License in Nigeria

Nigeria drivers’ license

Do you know that the updated version of the Nigeria drivers’ license is recognized and can be used in three states in the U.S.A and seven countries in Europe? While relevant authorities are working on expanding its scope all around the world, Nigerians at home wait on long queues at the FRSC to get their licenses. The Nigeria drivers’ license is not only used for authenticating individuals’ driving abilities. It is also used for identification purposes across different sectors in the Nigerian economy.

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Nigeria drivers’ license

Do you know how a Nigeria drivers’ license ? Here are the 9 steps:

1. Get training at an accredited driving school. A list of FRSC accredited driving schools can be found here.They offer great services at great discounts

2. The driving school will present you after your training to a VIO (Vehicle Inspection Officer) for a driving test

3. If you pass the test, you will obtain a certificate of proficiency from the VIO

4. At the Drivers’ License Center (DLC), you will be given a driver’s license application form for you to complete.

5. The cost of the new driver’s license is N6,000 to be paid at the bank. Print the acknowledgment slip containing your transaction number and payment details and pay at the bank.

6. Present your completed application form to the Board of Internal Revenue (BIR) officer and VIO at the DLC for endorsement.

7. Then go to the FRSC Officer at the DLC for your biometric data capture

8. Get a temporary driver’s license valid for 60 days

9. After 60 days, pick up your original driver’s license at the BIR Office.

Simple as ABC!
Get yours today

Funke Akindele Speaks To Omotola Jalade On Instagram Amidst Rivalry War

The intense rivalry war between Funke Akindele and Omotola Jalade is about to end.

Earlier today heavily pregnant actress Funke Akindele reached out to Omotola Jalade who is currently sick.

As earlier reported, Omotola took to her instagram page and disclosed the little update about her health.

Here’s what she wrote:-

Funke Akindele was among several celebrities who extended good wishes to her via the comment section of the post.

Here’s what we saw:-


EXPOSED:- Mr. Eazi Never Had A $6000 Paying Job, He Lied (See How It Was Revealed)

A LinkedIn profile, recently unearthed by nosy fans, alleges that Mr Eazi, who has been trending on Social media lately, all thanks to his bold utterances which folks find unpalatable, was an intern at Schlumberger Oil Services company in Port Harcourt, before he relocated to Ghana. mr-eazi-engineer

Recall, the singer, yesterday, on Beat FM radio show, spoke about his early steps, how he quit his job for his musical career, and also how his family reacted the first time they learned of his passion for music.

Here’s what he said:-

After I came back from Ghana, I got a job in oil and gas in Port Harcourt that paid about six thousand dollars per month but I quit because I was not finding fulfillment in it.

I mean it was the same thing everyday, the same routine over and over again. The decision to quit the job finally hit me when my boss’ wife left him even with all the money he had.

After I left my job, I got my Masters degree and with all that qualification I started selling phones in computer village and everyone thought something was wrong with me.

Even my mother started praying special prayers for me but my father didn’t add that final voice that would have decided my fate.

My break finally came after I got an invite to do two shows in London that made me twelve thousand pounds which I used to shoot two videos.

When I told my mother what I did with the money she stopped talking to me for about three weeks.

I had to move in with a friend because even my relatives didn’t want me around but everything finally changed when I went back to London for shows that fetched me really good money.

Many people didn’t believe the story, and a few challenged him to share proof of the claim which the singer responded posting this throwback photo, with the accompanying caption that says:

#TBT – Here i Was living an Engineers dream working at one of the worlds Biggest Oil Servicing Companies #Schlumberger Enroute an I.M Career!

This would have led me to a successful Engineering Career But God had a different Plan! The boy was destined to touch millions of lives with Music!!! Grateful fi God #lifeiseazi

Netflix Subscription Plans And Prices – See All Plans & Prices

Netflix currently operates with 3 different subscription plans for now. We will give you everything you need to know on the Netflix Subscription Plans And Prices. As we already know, Netflix is the number one online movies streaming company in the world today. Netflix offers one of the cheapest online TV subscriptions anywhere in the world. So, relax as we guide you through the process.

Netflix Subscription Plans And Prices comes with different packages. All you need to do is to go through the plans, see what each offer and choose the one that suits you. In the paragraphs below, you will get to see the different Netflix subscription plans and make the right choicve based on your choice and resources.

Before we go into the paid subscriptions, you need to know that Netflix offers a one month free subscription after you complete your Netflix registration. So, you could choose to register and get the one-month free subscription. Afterwards, you can migrate to any of the plans we will treat below. So, let’s get to the Netflix Subscription Plans And Prices.

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Netflix Basic Package (US$7.99)

This subscription plan allows you one screen streaming at a time. That is to say, you can only watch or stream one video at a time. The contents of this plan are streamed in Standard Definition (SD). The cost is US$7.99. Also, this plan comes with a month free subscription and allows you to cancel your subscription at anytime you wish to.

Netflix Subscription Plans And Prices

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Netflix Standard Package (US$9.99)

The next Netflix plan is called the Netflix standard plan. The contents can be viewed in High Definition (HD). Also, it allows for two simultaneous log-ins (meaning that different content can be streamed on two different screens). As the basic Plan, this plan comes with a free one-month sub. The monthly subscription cost is US$9.99.

Netflix Premium Package (US$11.99)

Finally, this is the costliest but best sub plan. The Netflix Premium Package allows you view the contents in Ultra HD resolutions. Furthermore, it allows for four simultaneous log-ins i.e you can stream different things on four different screens with this Netflix package. The Netflix premium plan gives you access to all the Netflix list of movies. Cost of monthly subscription is US$11.99.

Was this information on the Netflix Subscription Plans And Prices helpful? Kindly share and let’s also have your comments below. Thank you.

List Of Players Loaned Out By Chelsea 2017/18 – See All Players & Club Loaned To

Chelsea FC is the reigning champion of the English Premiership. Chelsea is renowned for her extra-ordinary loan system. Each year, it loans players to different clubs and leagues. This season is not an exception. They have already sent out 35 players on loan. See the List Of Players Loaned Out By Chelsea 2017/18 below.

The List Of Players Loaned Out By Chelsea 2017/18 also includes the players current loan clubs. Chelsea has players in the EPL, the Champions and across all levels of English football. It also have players in La Liga, Eredivisie etc. So see all players who are on loan from Chelsea to other clubs below.

List Of Players Loaned Out By Chelsea 2017/18

See the list below.

Pos Player Loaned To Start End
CM Danilo Pantić Partizan 1 July 2017 30 June 2018
GK Nathan Baxter Woking 1 July 2017 30 June 2018
RB Fankaty Dabo Vitesse 1 July 2017 30 June 2018
CF Tammy Abraham Swansea City 4 July 2017 30 June 2018
AM Kasey Palmer Huddersfield Town 4 July 2017 30 June 2018
RB Todd Kane Groningen 5 July 2017 30 June 2018
CM Josimar Quintero Rostov 5 July 2017 30 June 2018
CM Charlie Colkett Vitesse 6 July 2017 30 June 2018
GK Bradley Collins Forest Green Rovers 7 July 2017 30 June 2018
RB Ola Aina Hull City 11 July 2017 30 June 2018
CM Ruben Loftus-Cheek Crystal Palace 12 July 2017 30 June 2018
AM Lucas Piazon Fulham 14 July 2017 30 June 2018
CM Marco van Ginkel PSV Eindhoven 16 July 2017 30 June 2018
CF Ike Ugbo Barnsley 17 July 2017 30 June 2018
LB Jay Dasilva Charlton Athletic 21 July 2017 30 June 2018
CB Kurt Zouma Stoke City 21 July 2017 30 June 2018
CM Mason Mount Vitesse 24 July 2017 30 June 2018
CF Izzy Brown Brighton & Hove Albion 25 July 2017 30 June 2018
CB Tomáš Kalas Fulham 27 July 2017 30 June 2018
CB Michael Hector Hull City 27 July 2017 30 June 2018
GK Jamal Blackman Sheffield United 27 July 2017 30 June 2018
CB Matt Miazga Vitesse 28 July 2017 30 June 2018
GK Jared Thompson Chippenham Town 28 July 2017 30 June 2018
DM Victorien Angban Waasland-Beveren 28 July 2017 30 June 2018
CM Mario Pašalić Spartak Moscow 2 August 2017 30 June 2018
CM Lewis Baker Middlesbrough 11 August 2017 30 June 2018
CB Kenneth Omeruo Kasımpaşa 25 August 2017 30 June 2018
LW Jérémie Boga Birmingham City 28 August 2017 30 June 2018
CM Jordan Houghton Doncaster Rovers 31 August 2017 30 June 2018
RB Charlie Wakefield Stevenage 31 August 2017 30 June 2018
LW Nathan Amiens 31 August 2017 30 June 2018
CB Fikayo Tomori Hull City 31 August 2017 30 June 2018

As you see above, this is the List Of Players Loaned Out By Chelsea 2017/18. Kurt Zouma, Tammy Abraham & Reuben Loftus-Cheek are in the Premiership.

Let’s hear your comment on this. Thank you.

Most Expensive Football Players Of All Time – See Cristiano Ronaldo’s Position

most expensive football players

Paris Saint-Germain’s capture of Neymar Jr. for €222 has shattered the transfer market. It was not expected at anytime. Neymar’s capture was more than double of the transfer fee paid by Manchester United to re-sign Paul Pogba from Juventus last summer. As a result, we want to show the list of the Most Expensive Football Players Of All Time.

Not only did Neymar break Pogba’s transfer fee, Barca captured Ousmane Dembele from Borrusia Dortmund. This transfer cost Barcelona $105 (plus additional €42m add-ons). So, the list of the Most Expensive Football Players Of All Time keeps changing. It wouldn’t be a surprise if this changes before the summer transfer deadline day as PSG seeks to sign Monaco’s Kylian Mbappe.

The following are the most expensive football players of all time.

Pos. Player Clubs Year Fee
1 Neymar Barcelona – PSG 2017 €222m
=2 Ousmane Dembele Dortmund – Borussia Dortmund 2017 €105m (+€45m)
=2 Paul Pogba Juventus – Manchester United 2016 €105m
4 Gareth Bale Tottenham – Real Madrid 2013 €100.8m
5 Cristiano Ronaldo Manchester United – Real Madrid 2009 €94m
6 Gonzalo Higuain Napoli – Juventus 2016 €90m
7 Neymar Santos – Barcelona 2013 €86.2m
8 Romelu Lukaku Everton – Manchester United 2017 €84.8m
9 Luis Suarez Liverpool – Barcelona 2014 €82.3m
10 James Rodriguez Monaco – Real Madrid 2014 €80m
11 Alvaro Morata Real Madrid – Chelsea 2017 €78.9m
12 Zinedine Zidane Juventus – Real Madrid 2001 €77.5m
13 Kevin De Bruyne Wolfsburg – Manchester City 2015 €75m
14 Angel Di Maria Real Madrid – Manchester United 2014 €74.6m
15 Zlatan Ibrahimovic Inter – Barcelona 2009 €69.5m
16 Raheem Sterling Liverpool – Manchester City 2015 €69.1m
17 Kaka AC Milan – Real Madrid 2009 €65m
18 Edinson Cavani Napoli- PSG 2013 €64.5m
19 David Luiz Chelsea – PSG 2014 €62.5m
20 Angel Di Maria Manchester United – PSG 2015 €61.6m

As seen above, the most expensive player record held by Cristiano Ronaldo in 2009-2013 has gone down to fifth position. Neymar, Dembele, Paul Pogba & Gareth Bale are ahead of him.

Let’s hear your comment on the Most Expensive Football Players Of All Time. Use the comment box below. You can also share this. Thank you.