Airtel Night Data Plans Subscription Codes And Prices

Have you ever thought about having a cool night browsing without data exhaustion? Then, you have stumbled on one of the best data plans for your night browsing. With the All Airtel Night Plan Subscription, Codes And Prices, you are assured of cheap night data plans that would allow you do whatever you want to do at night. Just easily.

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Do you want to watch movies online? Do you want to stream live shows or football? You have heavy file downloads or file transfers to do? Then, this All Airtel Night Plan Subscription, Codes And Prices is the bet. One good news is that these plans allow you to buy data for cheap and allows other flexibility in the data plans. So, let’s not bore you with this story and show you what you can get in the Airtel night data plans.

Airtel night data plans seems to be the best in town now. Let’s take a look. We will handle the different night plans on offer and you choose yours.


  1. Airtel Unlimited Hourly Night Plan

This plan offers you unlimited data for 2hrs, and costs ₦1000. Perfect for unlimited downloading, torrenting and other heavy internet activities. To subscribe for this, make sure you have enough space for downloading. Who does.t like that?

How To subscribe for Airtel Unlimited night browsing plan

Recharge ₦1000 & dial *481# For Unlimited Data; to be used between the hours of 12am to 6am.

Airtel Night Data Plans

  1. Airtel SmartTRYBE Night Plan

The smartTRYBE night plan is for smartTrybe subscribers. If you’re on the TRYBE prepaid plan, then this is perfect!if not, you can easily migrate to the tariff and enjoy the night plan. This plan gives you 1.5GB for ₦200 and 500MB for ₦25 (between 12am – 5am), but you must be on the SmartTRYBE prepaid package to use this plan.

How to subscribe for Airtel 1.5GB Night Data Plan

  • Recharge your sim with ₦200.
  • Dial *312#.
  • Then, type and send 3 (Airtel Night Plans)
  • Afterwards, choose 1.5GB plan by typing 2
  • Please note: (Validity: 1 Night between 12am – 5am)

How to subscribe for Airtel 500MB Night Data Plan

  • Recharge or ensure you have at least ₦25 in your Airtel line.
  • Dial *312#.
  • Type and send 3 (Airtel Night Plans).
  • Then choose 500MB plan by typing 1
  • Please note: (Validity: 1 Night between 12am – 5am)

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Airtel Night Data Plans Subscription Codes And Prices

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