2 Ways on how to Fix Dstv Missing Stations/Channels

How to Fix Dstv Missing Stations/Channels
Dstv is a leading TV service that is owned by Multichoice in South Africa and they have successfully become a grand company in the whole African countries and they also a reputable company here in Nigeria, according to assumptions from different sources, Dstv is been used by 70% of Nigerians which means they have successfully weeded of competitions from Mytv,Hitv,Strong and many of them.

Dstv has it all such as: nice graphics,premium programs and many other features but sometimes you cannot avoid other factors that affect it. In today’s post we are going to learn how to fix Dstv missing channels, its a thing that happens to almost every Nigerian subscribers which is somehow frustrating at times because even though you switch off/on your decoder it won’t solve the missing channels, you just have to follow the steps I am going to list here to get it solved and luckily for you, I know of 2 ways to fix the missing channels because when it happened to me, my favourite channels were the ones affected and i was damn frustrated and i can’t just sit down and be watching other channels then i made my research and came up with a solution on how to Fix Dstv Missing Stations/Channels

Step by step

1. Locate TV Guide on your Dstv decoder remote and press it

2. Your TV screen will become blue because it is loading the TV Guide interface after loading it will show a page containing the All Channel, Favourite Channel,

3. Select the All channel using your Dstv direction button

4. After clicking the All Channel menu, it will load the whole channels then locate one of the channels that was missing and select it.

5. After selecting a channel it will open the station

6. Then try to locate other channels that was missing you will discover they are all back.

That us how you can easily fix Dstv missing stations/channels.

If you do not get to understand the First method to fix Dstv missing stations/channels then you have to try out the second method researched by Doyin Faith Kasumu a female tech blogger at http://t2techblog.com

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How to Fix Dstv Missing Stations/Channels

Step 1: Grab your remote and press the tv button as shown below

Step 2: You should notice that you’re in Dstv West Africa, scroll back up and select the Bouquet option Dstv Ku Africa.

Step 3: Have your seat, grab a bucket of popcorn, relax your back and hit the ok button. ( You must do all these if you want your channels back -_- ? )

All channels that suddenly disappeared would be back now.

The channels disappeared cause someone mistakenly tampered with the setting and selected Dstv West Africa bouquet option instead of the default and normal Dstv Ku Africa. If your default is Dstv West Africa and you’re facing this problem, then someone must have changed to other options. Run through the steps I highlighted and select your default back.

Now I can get to watch Destined to reign by Joseph Prince, Bella and the bulldogs, Sam and cat, Nicky, Ricky, Dicky and Dawn!

That is her own method of fixing Dstv missing stations/channels. She really enjoy watching Nickelodeon, my little sister also enjoys watching it and Nickelodeon is also among the missing channels so i had no option than to look for solutions and thanks to Doyin for her research.

P.S- In case these method do not work for you it maybe another problem whereas you are misinterpreting it you can reach out to their customer care through their official website dstv.com.

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2 Ways on how to Fix Dstv Missing Stations/Channels

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